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Hello!I'm Anna Moshak, a Ukrainian freelance illustrator and concept artist based in Germany.
I do art for books, tabletop games, video games, and private projects.
I am passionate about creating fantasy and mystery paintings with deep storytelling. I am comfortable with drawing humans and creatures and I often experiment with my style and brushwork.I worked on a variety of projects for:
Disney, Marvel, Plarium, Ghostfire Gaming, R. Talsorian Games, Hit Point Press as well as various self-publishing and private clients.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Status: closed
For personal use only!
If you're interested in commercial work please email me.

Commission price changes depending on the complexity of the idea and the character pose. As well as the number of characters in the illustration. Characters with horns, scales, and complex clothing, also humanoids and monsters, will cost more. Creating a design would also increase the price.To order or ask about the price of your commission, send me a character reference and a brief description of your idea at Keep in mind that it might take me a few business days to answer you.Prices start at $200+ for a monochrome portrait and $800+ for a full-body character render. The price for illustrations and other types of art is calculated individually.I only draw personal commissions in my styles. Some art examples:

Monochrome and colored portraits: $200-500+

Painterly drawing with rough brushstrokes $500+

Usually portrait or half-body on a simple background

Full-body character render: $800+

Illustration: $1000+


Please read before inquiring about commission

1. Send me an email at with this information:

  • Your name and Twitter/DA/Tumblr ID if you want to be tagged in case I post the final artwork on my social media.

  • Commission type: portrait, full-body, illustration, etc.

  • Character's physical description with references (artworks, photos, in-game screenshots, etc.)

  • Character's personality description, mood.

  • If you have links to other resources, docs, or pages of your character, feel free to share them.

2. You can describe to me a brief idea of future artwork. I like to create interesting compositions and сoncepts, so I can think up an idea myself if you don't mind.
I will draw personal characters of any species and race, game OC, fanart, etc. I can also do partial nudity, mild violence (blood, light gore), and weird creatures. But it all depends on an idea.
I will not draw explicit porn, mecha, or heavy violence.
I can also refuse to draw your character or idea if I feel that I would not be able to draw it properly.
3. I send you a price estimate. If you approve it, I put you on the waitlist.
Once I reach your slot in the queue, I message you again to confirm everything and then send you a quick draft sketch of your commission.
After your approval, I send you the payment information and, if the commission costs more than 250$, a small contract to sign via DocuSign.
Regardless of the payment method (PayPal or bank transfer), I will need your address and legal name for the invoice and the contract.
The Contract is a short Art Agreement that contains all the details we agree upon and additional terms of service.
After the payment is processed, I continue working on the painting.
Depending on the type of commission, it may take me 1-4 weeks to finish a painting.
Payment can be 50/50 if desired. If unforeseen circumstances arise and I am unable to finish the work, you will receive a 100% refund. I do not offer a refund if you cancel the order while I am working on it.


One or more characters, fully painted background. The price depends on complexity.

REGARDING RIGHTS TO THE ARTWORK (only applies to personal сommissions):

  • I own all the rights to the artwork. You are not allowed to resell or alter the artwork.

  • I am allowed to use the artwork in my portfolio and social media.

  • I am allowed to sell prints with the artwork without the prior permission of the client (if you don't want your commission to be potentially sold as a print - notify me about it before we start working on your artwork)

  • You are allowed to use the artwork for non-commercial purposes. You can use it as a profile picture, post it in forums, print them for yourself or for friends (if it’s a present), etc. I will also be grateful if you credit me.

  • I have the right to stream the creation process on streaming services, and also make a timelapse video of the creation process and publish it on my YouTube channel.


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